In the transportation industry, safety and quality are the highest priorities. As the industry grows, there is a significant need for frequent, first-rate training to ensure that equipment and operators perform at their highest standard—to keep the public and your company safe. We are your conduit to training that provides professional development to your employees, instruction on new equipment, remediation on safety issues and much more—all with your priorities of safety and quality at the forefront of our curriculum.

Given the broad range of transportation businesses serving the Wasatch Front, there is an equally broad spectrum of training options available to serve your company, in terms of both content and delivery method. If you have a small group that needs to learn the ins-and-outs of Safety and Emissions, we might find a training plan that already exists for them. If your company needs to run 200 new employees through 100 hours of Diesel Technician training, we’ll collaborate with your business and our team of instructors to find the best way to provide the training quickly and safely without sacrificing quality.

Transportation trainings include everything from small engine repair to pilot licensure and aviation management, and if it’s not in our current offerings, we will work to find a training solution to meet your needs.

An overview of some of SLCC’s current options demonstrate our potential to serve your business.

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