Manufacturing & Advanced Materials

Both the aerospace and medical device manufacturing industries are growing quickly in Utah. The skills required to keep pace in both require advanced knowledge in the field of advanced composites. In order to maintain quality control, and to continue to work with the high degree of proficiency needed keep products safe for the public, employees continually need training opportunities to refresh skills, learn new products and remediate any safety issues. We can help meet the specific needs of your business.

The same need for safety and quality control holds true in the traditional manufacturing industry, and we provide customizable trainings in the areas of welding, machining and other areas of manufacturing as well.

Ultimately, our team exists to provide your business with high quality, cost-effective training in the area where your organization needs it. So whether your team needs a brush-up on cleanroom procedures, an introduction to 3D printing or a course on blueprint reading for welding, our team will collaborate with you to find the best course or series of trainings to keep your business not only safe, but ahead of the curve.

Examples of the options in our Manufacturing and Advanced Composites training areas provide an overview of the ways we can help your business:

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