Information Technology

Rapid growth in the Information Technology sector in Utah has created significant need for high quality training in a broad range of fields to meet the ever-changing demands of this fast-paced industry. We prepare students to enter their careers with experience in the newest programs and technologies. As businesses strive to keep pace with new technology and software demands, we provide individual and group training best suited to fit a company’s needs.

Training programs developed for businesses are designed to help employees advance in their professions, and learn necessary skills that keep companies ahead of their competitors. Our workforce solutions managers will collaborate with your team to find the best course or series of trainings to meet your company’s needs, from basic computer skills to software development certification.

Given the broad range of specialties in the IT industry, we provide trainings that are up-to-date with current needs and cover the wide spectrum of technology development along the Wasatch Front.

Highlighted programs provide an overview of the types of training we offer that can serve as a model for your organization's training:

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