With changes in the economy, many people find themselves working in industries that aren’t directly related to their field of training. Similarly, a number of industrious people have turned their passions into businesses, or are finding opportunities for secondary incomes in licensed part-time work. Workforce & Economic Development provides training solutions that help businesses and individuals access the licenses and instruction they need to move ahead, or maintain the licensure and continuing education units needed to stay current and relevant in existing positions.

Business owners and directors of non-profits and government agencies are consistently finding highly qualified applicants from outside industry who may lack professional licenses, or who need training in content-specific areas. We’ll collaborate with your company to find the best training solution to help those employees meet industry standards. This means you can hire individuals who are the best fit for your organization; we’ll work with you to make sure they’re quickly on their way to licensure.

Finding the right training solution for your employees isn’t difficult—our workforce solutions manager will work directly with your team to find the course or series of trainings that will bring your team to the standard that meets the needs of your business and industry. Whether we run a cohort from your organization through an Alternate Route to Licensure series in Education, or create new curriculum for a team of fitness instructors, our group of highly qualified educators and network of professionals will develop the best training plan for your business or organization.

Examples of some of SLCC’s licensure programs can give your organization a glimpse into the training solutions that can help your business:

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