Art History provides the opportunity to explore the cultures of the world from the Cave Paintings at Lascaux to trends in Contemporary Art. Enroll in an Art History course this semester and learn about how humanity’s desire to communicate has evolved through the millennia.

Fall 2019 Classes
These courses fulfill a General Education Humanities (HU) requirement

Examines visual art from Prehistory to Colonial-era Latin America. Artworks are critically considered as objects that embody and convey ideas and meanings in the context of their periods and cultures, and within the developments of art over time.

Examines the artistic traditions of Buddhism. Beginning with the birth of Buddhism in India, the course will follow the development and spread of Buddhist art to China and the rest of Asia.

An examination of visual art forms from Prehistory to the European Renaissance. Emphasis: developing a comparative understanding of a variety of works (including painting, sculpture, and architecture) from different cultures in context.

An examination of the visual art forms created from the period of the Renaissance to the Contemporary era. The study focuses on the aesthetic, cultural, and psychological factors that shape the changes in artistic expressions through time.