Deneece Huftalin

Dear SLCC Students:

We understand entering college can be confusing! We hope this website helps you and your family feel welcome and more aware of the resources available to you at Salt Lake Community College!

This site has been designed specifically to assist students who may not have proper documentation; have pending immigration status; identify themselves as DREAMers; or have recently been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status.

Helping students is our highest priority at SLCC. We hope this information shows you how to access educational resources, find support and allies on campus, and navigate SLCC procedures so you can be successful in your educational pursuits.

We're glad you are here!

Deneece Huftalin signature

Deneece G. Huftalin, Ph.D
President, SLCC

The purpose of the undocumented student resource committee is to raise awareness of the undocumented student experiences and support their success. SLCC value the experiences undocumented students bring to the college community and are committed to helping them reach their goals and aspirations. The Undocumented Student Resource Committee works to offers caring and personalized support to undocumented students. They will work to increase campus awareness of, and advocate for, undocumented student issues. The Committee fosters a sense of belonging, community and well-being for all undocumented students on campus.