Abstract Submission

How to write an abstract for the Bruin Brains Research Conference!

Submit your abstract

An abstract should provide a short but clear statement of your research project. In a few sentences, it tells the reader the purpose of the paper, the methodology used, the results, and the importance of the results.

A well-crafted abstract will touch on the key elements of your project. These are described below. You’ll want to think through each element carefully, even though you may briefly touch on it in the abstract. The length of your abstract should be between 75-150 words.


Explain the purpose of your project. State the primary objectives and scope of the paper. What is the rationale for your research? Why did you do choose the topic of research? Is the topic you are researching an ignored or newly discovered one? Why is it significant? What is your thesis statement?


Clearly state the methodology (techniques or approaches) used in your project. What is the method or “lens” you are using for analysis? What is the larger organizational structure?


Describe your findings so far. What have you learned or revealed in your research? Give special priority new findings that contradict previous theories. (In other words, have there been any surprises?)


Describe the implications of the results. Why are the results of your research important to your field? This is a time to emphasize the “so what” factor.

To review abstract examples by area of study.

For additional help, you can reach out to the wonderful ‘Student Reading & Writing Center