Timothy Davis
Director, Thayne Center
Phone: 801-957-4689 

Anthony Okafor
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 801-957-4555

Lola Moli
Assistant Director, Student Leadership
Phone: 801-957-4700 

Jose Rodriguez Hernandez
Assistant Director, Community Engagement
Phone: 801-957-4669 

Amanda Rydiger
VISTA, Bruin Pantries
Phone: 801-957-4450 

Anita Lui
Coordinator, Student Clubs and Organizations
Phone: 801-957-4620 

Ariana Rhodes
Front Desk Specialist 

Christina Souknarong
Coordinator, Student Civic Engagement
Phone: 801-957-4674 

Danielle Susi-Dittmore
Coordinator, Student Leadership Development
Phone: 801-957-4881 

Diya Shah
Coordinator, Bruin Pantries
Phone: 801-957-4693 

Dorisela Leon-Perez
Front Desk Specialist  

Lani Pati
Coordinator, Student Programming
Phone: 801-957-3870 

Lesa Bird
Coordinator, Business Operations
Phone: 801-957-3939 

Mackenzie McMillen
VISTA, Community Gardens
Phone: 801-957-4450 

Michael Evans
Coordinator, ACE & Program Management
Phone: 801-957-4565 

Rene Zepeda
Coordinator, Basic Needs
Phone: 801-957-4015  

Coordinator, Student Community Leadership
Phone: 801-957-2836

Sophia Gaona
Front Desk Specialist 


Our namesake is Emma Lou Thayne. We honor her in our work every day and in everything we do. We nominated Emma Lou Thayne for the 2013 Days of 47 Pioneers of Progress Award.