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The Thayne Center Community Partnerships program was founded to help support community organizations, foster lasting, mutually beneficial relationships and serve as a resource to the community. We establish capacity-building relationships with community organizations, facilitate service-learning development opportunities for faculty, and coordinate service leadership programs for students who are out to change the world.

Coordinator Information


Christina Souknarong
Campus and Community Partners Coordinator
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Student Center STC 020 D

  1. If you have had recent staffing changes, or would like a refresher contact Christina and schedule a site visit or a Partnership Orientation. Otherwise, please review our Partnership Overview document which Christina will provide.
  2. Please review the 2021-2022 Community Partnership Agreement. You may be asked to complete an additional form for this agreement.

    *Note, you may be required to upload your certificate of liability insurance or your volunteer waiver. Christina will provide you with any additional requested forms.

  3. Lastly, please review and complete the Community Partner Intake & Renewal Survey and Partner Impact Survey.
  1. Contact Christina to schedule a site visit and partnership orientation. These typically last about an hour and can be done virtually or on location.y.
  2. Please review the 2021-2022 Community Partnership Agreement. You may be asked to complete an additional form for this agreement.

    *Note, you may be required to upload your certificate of liability insurance or your volunteer waiver. Christina will provide you with any additional requested forms.

  3. Lastly, please complete the Community Partner Intake & Renewal Survey .

Community Partner Spotlights

Here are some of the many wonderful community partners that the Thayne Center has worked with over the years:


The Work Activity Center and the Thayne Center have partnered for several years. From Occupational Therapy courses, to grad parties, participants practice mastering problem solving and mastering tasks. Participants also enjoy relationship building experiences with the SLCC students. The Work Activity Center offers a variety of training and life skill development programs aimed to enrich the lives of adults with developmental disabilities. These training programs expand existing skills while challenging individuals to develop new skills and experiences.


The Thayne Center has been involved with the Emerald Project for the past several years. From volunteer recruitment for events, to connecting refugees to service learning volunteer programs. Together, the Thayne Center and the Emerald Project continue to grow by adding relevant partners to aid in and assist events such as the Muslim Youth Conferences.


Each day, thousands of people – people just like you – provide compassionate care to those in need. Our network of generous donors, volunteers and employees share a mission of preventing and relieving suffering, here at home and around the world.

The American Red Cross faces many challenges including disaster response and blood services. In the past several years as partners with the Thayne Center, they have acquired a high level of volunteer recruitment to take on the increased blood donation efforts at the SLCC campuses. The ARC also attends community engagement fairs, fundraisers, and other volunteer services.


The Fair Credit Foundation’s programs and services are designed to assist individuals and families move from crisis to control by creating a long-term action plan for financial security. They have been a longstanding partner with the Thayne Center for years. In addition to hosting work study students, they have even worked with the Thayne Center to create their first Financial Wellness Fair! This Financial Wellness Fair brought together over 40 community resources included many workshops and other incentive programs.


Since 1945, Catholic Community Services of Utah has been empowering people in need along the Wasatch Front to reach self-sufficiency. By giving strength to the weakest in our midst, CCS is able to lovingly serve and provide hope to those with the greatest need in our community regardless of race, religion or personal circumstance.

Catholic Community Services has also been a longstanding partner and have hosted multiple groups from SLCC volunteering with the SLCCServes “Days of Service” and Alternative Breaks programs. They continue to grow their involvement with the Thayne Center by working with the English and Occupational Therapy Assistance Programs, attending Community Engagement Fairs and refining their roles as co-educators through workshops and retreats.


The Clever Octopus is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering creativity and environmental awareness through art, science, technology, engineering, and math. Their multi-tentacled approach includes the Clever Octopus Creative Reuse Center (retail space with discounted arts & craft supplies) and the Octopod mobile outreach vehicle.

Over the past several years, they have collaborated with the Thayne Center to host individual as well as group service projects by repurposing donated materials by the power of art!

In addition to supporTing SLCC’s Earth Day and Upcycle Art Contest, The Clever Octopus continues to grow their role as a partner with the Thayne Center as well as many other academic departments through SLCC’s Service Learning Program.

Community Partner Referrals

Do you have a suggestion for a community organization we should explore partnership with? Contact Christina!

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