UHEAN Education Award Program

What is AmeriCorps?

UHEAN Education Award Program

UHEAN AmeriCorps recruits mostly college and university students across the state to support under-served populations throughout Utah communities. Service is provided in the following four focus areas:

  • Education 1: Tutoring and other education programs for K-12 students
  • Education 2: College access and success programs for K-16 students
  • Capacity Building: Leveraging community assets through partnerships with non-profit organizations and student service centers on a college or university campus

The part-time term available through SLCC with the corresponding Education Award for 2022 – 2023 is 300 Hours with a $1,324 Award.

Like the Conservation Corps or the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps is another form of service to our country. The correct pronunciation of "corps" is (kôr), spelled with a silent "p", like the core of the earth or the core of an apple. AmeriCorps programs do more than move communities forward; they serve their members by creating jobs and providing pathways to opportunity for young people entering the workforce. AmeriCorps places thousands of young adults into intensive service positions where they learn valuable work skills, earn money for education, and develop an appreciation for citizenship.

UHEAN is a state and national AmeriCorps Program. Our AmeriCorps members Get Things Done for Utah, building safer, stronger, healthier, and united communities across the state. The members in our program support schools, hospitals, and organizations that see service as a solution to local and national challenges and create powerful member experiences that result in lifelong civic engagement.

Prospective AmeriCorps Members

We are so glad you are interested in enrolling in our AmeriCorps State and National program! Here are a few things that can help you navigate the enrollment process. While the Enrollment Process is not difficult, it does require timely completion of materials and prompt responses from enrolling members. If the member is unable to complete this process before their anticipated start date, they will be required to complete additional documentation that may delay when they can start counting hours.

Watch the 17-min video AmeriCorps 101 for Students to learn more about the program.

  1. If you are interested in AmeriCorps, please make an appointment with the AmeriCorps Coordinator. Please review the entire Enrollment Process beforehand.
  2. Select a Community Partner to reach out to
    1. View the authorized Thayne Center Community Partners and research which organization(s) will be most aligned with your interests and goals;
    2. View the Qualified Sites list on UHEAN and check if your desired community partner(s) are already approved to host AmeriCorps students, if they are not on the list, the organization will need to fill out a Qualified Site Contract; and,
    3. Email the AmeriCorps Coordinator your top three Community Partners.
    4. Once a Community Partner has agreed to host an AmeriCorps member, please call or email to schedule an appointment with the AmeriCorps Coordinator to obtain paperwork for both you and the Community Partner.
  3. UHEAN Staff will send you information to complete the enrollment information document.
  4. After you complete the Member Enrollment Form, you will automatically be taken to our fingerprint information page where you will find your location, set up 1) an appointment with that vendor and 2) UHEAN staff via the Member Fingerprint Scheduling form.
  5. Complete your Position Description with your Site Supervisor
  6. Meet with your Campus Coordinator with the completed Position Description and the Qualified Site Contract in hand, or previously emailed. Schedule an appointment with the AmeriCorps Coordinator as soon as you can.
    1. Please be sure to bring a government issued ID and if you have a different name than from birth, please bring a Birth Certificate. If you are a Permanent Resident, please email me a Social Security Card or bring it to the Coordinator to have it scanned.
  7. Complete your forms once you receive notification that your IPT (AmeriCorps Member Tracking System) and AmeriCorps.gov accounts are available.
  8. Verify with your Campus Coordinator that all your tasks are completed and are ready to be enrolled at least 3 days before your anticipated start date.

Complete the Exit Process Steps as Follows

  1. Do a Self-Audit, please make sure that your monthly Service Hour Record and Monthly Progress Reports are completed correctly.
    1. Note: If you are Exiting Early, you need a Compelling Personal Circumstance Letter.
  2. Meet with your Site Supervisor to complete the End of Term Evaluation. (Download Here)
  3. Complete the Unlock Exit Form Request. Found Here
  4. When you have completed the previous three steps and are completely ready to exit, you MUST MEET WITH Your Campus Coordinator to verify hours and give them your Site Supervisor’s End of Term Evaluation Form. Schedule an appointment with the AmeriCorps Coordinator as soon as you can.
  5. Your Campus Coordinator will upload the End of Term Evaluation Form and fill out the Exit Google Form.
  6. UHEAN Staff will add you to the queue for exiting members and unlock your Exit Forms in IPT and your AmeriCorps Portal. When you are alerted to make a change, please do it. Make sure the information is accurate, these are legal documents.

If you are a member seeking information about how to serve at another site during this time, please contact us directly at americorps@uhean.org. To be approved for alternative hours that are not listed below, you must make a request through email. Approved documentation must be uploaded to students contact log in IPT for tracking and auditing purposes.

Members until further notice can serve hours outside of the State of Utah. If you have been required to vacate student housing and have moved out of state, you must notify your campus coordinator to discuss and document all tele-serving hours.

For more information about serving during COVID-19, please see UHEAN’s Response.

Why join the AmeriCorps program?

AmeriCorps members can serve for a year while making America stronger, healthier, and safer. When you join AmeriCorps, you use your energy, ideas, and talents to help others. Plus, you will earn money for your education, learn to be a leader, and gain real job skills.

What are the benefits of becoming an AmeriCorps member?

Members in the UHEAN AmeriCorps program will earn an Education Award ranging from $1,252-$2,255 after successfully completing their term. In addition, members will increase personal growth in a professional setting, receive a Certificate of National Service, and build upon their resumes.

Additional FAQs


Becoming a Qualified Site

Watch AmeriCorps 101: Community Partners to learn about the ins and outs of hosting an AmeriCorps member from the perspective of a Community Partner. The qualified site contract is what protects community partners and ensures that the site you are working at will support you during your term of service. We cannot complete your enrollment until we have a QSC for your site for the current year. If you do not see your site listed, please fill out a Qualified Site Contract (valid for 4 years!) to start the process!

Once you finish the contract, you will need to print, physically sign, scan, and then send the application to americorps@uhean.org. If you have more than one physical site, you will instead need to fill out the 2020-2021 Umbrella Qualified Site Contract (valid for 4 years). With the Contract, you need to attach the Accessibility Checklist.

Hosting AmeriCorps Members

You will also need to upload the Qualified Site Contract and the ADA Accessibility Checklist documents to the Hosting AmeriCorps Members Form, which allows Thayne Center to keep records of the joining Community Partners. The Form will also prompt you with questions to begin building a description of the AmeriCorps Opportunity. Click here to view a template of a description of an AmeriCorps Opportunity. Then, the final section of the Form will ask you to upload the aforementioned documents as well as any logos or marketing images you would like the TC to have to produce publicity for the AmeriCorps Opportunity.

Our hope is to have this done ahead of time so students can be onboarded quicker than four weeks, down to two weeks. You are welcome to review the support that UHEAN offers through their site, it includes roles and responsibilities of Site SupervisorsTrainings, and other pertinent information. If you need more assistance, you are welcome to make an appointment to virtually meet with the AmeriCorps Coordinator.

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