Welcome to the thayne center for student life, leadership & community engagement!

In the Thayne Center, we envision a world in which people's basic needs are met and in which the values of equality and social justice are realized. We believe institutions of higher education have a responsibility to cultivate an engaged citizenry. We are therefore dedicated to empowering our students and faculty to realize they have the knowledge and skills to affect positive change in their community.

We establish capacity-building relationships with community organizations, facilitate service-learning development opportunities for faculty, and coordinate service leadership programs for students who are out to change the world.

We are here to help develop student leaders and make the overall experience on campus better for students. In our office we house the SLCC Student Association, StrengthsQuest, and leadership classes. There are three different pillars that we support, an effective student government, a robust student life, and leadership development. These three pillars are supported by our values of imagination, inclusivity, accountability, making a difference, and teamwork.

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SLCC Student Association


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Volunteer Opportunities

Taylorsville Redwood Location

Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Student Center STC 124 
Located on the main floor, west hall, across from the Quick Stop

Student Center STC 020
Located in the basement of the Student Center
in the southeast corner

South city Location

South City Campus
SCM 2-070 & SCM 2-080
Located in the south-east corner on the second floor

Jordan Campus Location

Tim and Brenda Huval Student Center
JSTC 201 & JSTC 135 (Bruin Pantry)
Located respectively in the south-east corner on the second floor & shortly down the west hall on the first floor.