Challenge Exams & CLEP

Challenge Exams

You can take challenge exams to gain course credits at SLCC.

  • You may not take the Challenge Exams if you have previously taken the course and received a grade of D- or higher. If you received an E or a W, you're eligible to take the challenge exam.
  • You will receive a P on your transcript if you pass. It will not affect your GPA. If you do not pass it will not show on your transcript.
  • You may not take the Challenge Exam if you are currently enrolled in the course.
  • Individual departments also offer Challenge Exams. Contact the department that offers the exam you want to take.
  • Each test has a different time limit and qualifying score. Call 801-957-4500 for information specific to your test.
  • Each Challenge Exam can only be taken once. The cost is $50. Some departments may require an additional fee to be paid to the department.

Testing Services administers:

Math 1010 — 4 credits

  • This test consists of 2 parts, with 1.5 hours allowed for each part. In between the two sections, the student may take no more than a 15-minute break.
  • No textbooks, notes, cheat sheets, outside assistance, graphing calculators, or internet connecting devices are allowed.
  • A scientific calculator is allowed for the test.
  • Students must achieve a 75% to pass.
  • Results may take up to two weeks.
  • The exam may only be taken once.

MATH 1040 Intro to Statistics Challenge Exam

MATH 1040 — 3 credits

  • Students will have 120 minutes to complete the exam.
  • Any handheld calculator may be used on the exam but devices that connect to the internet will not be allowed.
  • Students must achieve a 75% in order to pass.
  • Results may take up to two weeks.
  • The exam may only be taken once.

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CJ 1010 — 3 credits

This exam covers theories, concepts, and methods used to facilitate understanding, predicting, and responding to issues of deviance and crime in America. Also includes development and evolution of components in the American Criminal Justice System, including the history of racial, ethnic, and gender discrimination on charging, sentencing, conviction, incarceration, and employment.

Those who would like to prepare for the exam may read and/or download a free Open Educational Resource textbook: SOU-CCJ230 Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System.

  • The exam consists of two parts with an optional 15-minute break in-between
    • Part 1: Two hours to complete 60 multiple choice questions
    • Part 2: Three hours to complete the crime statistic short answer questions and the critical thinking case study essay.
  • No textbooks, notes, outside assistance, or internet connecting devices allowed while testing.
  • Students must achieve a 75% to pass.
  • Results may take up to two weeks.
  • The exam may be taken twice.

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HS 1100 – 3 credits

  • This exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions.
  • Exam has a 60 mins time limit.
  • No items will be allowed during the test.
  • Students must achieve an 80% or better to pass and receive credit for the course.
  • Results may take 3-4 weeks before a P (passing) is shown on the student’s official SLCC transcript.

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Foreign Language

You can gain foreign language credits by taking proficiency tests offered at Brigham Young University. Visit Experiential Language Credit to learn more.

In addition, you may be able to skip prerequisite courses and take LANG 2010 or LANG 2020 to fulfill your SLCC Associate of Arts language requirement. Call 801-957-4338 or email for more information.

Passing LANG 3060 at the University of Utah with a C- or better also fulfills your AA language requirement.


You can earn credits at SLCC by taking College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams to test your knowledge in certain areas. SLCC accepts eight CLEP exams.

  • College Composition — 3 credits for English 1010, 3 elective credits
  • Natural Sciences — 3 credits in Physical Science, 3 credits in Life Science
  • Humanities — 3 credits for HUMA 1010
  • Social Science/History — 3 credits of HIST 1700, 3 credits in Social Science

CLEP Exams

As of March 1, 2020, the following applies:

The CLEP tests will give credit for math classes as follows:

  • College Mathematics CLEP will give SLCC Math 1030 credit with a score of 55 or higher.
  • College Algebra CLEP will give SLCC Math 1050 credit with a score of 63 or higher.
  • Pre-Calculus CLEP will give SLCC Math 1060 credit with a score of 61 or higher.
  • Calculus CLEP will give SLCC Math 1210 credit with a score of 64 or higher.

You can take any of the other 25 CLEP exams at SLCC for credit at other schools. Be sure your school accepts the exam credit before you schedule an exam with us. Please check with your school as passing scores may vary at different institutions.

To Take a CLEP Exam at SLCC

  1. Pre-register and pay for the exam with CLEP. Print out your Exam Registration Ticket.
    On the day of the exam, bring your printed Exam Registration Ticket and a valid government-issued photo ID.
  2. Make an appointment with our Testing Center using the Schedule Exam button below and pay $28.50. Call us at 801-957-4572 if you have any questions.
  3. If you’re a minor and don’t have government-issued ID, you will have to use the College Board Student ID Form. Visit CLEP Exam or contact CLEP at 800-257-9558 or 609-771-7865 for more information.

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Other CLEP Facts

  • You have two hours to take the College Composition exam and an hour and a half for each of the other exams.
  • Each CLEP exam totals 80 points.
  • SLCC requires a score of 50 to pass for non-math CLEP exams.
  • You cannot take a CLEP exam if you’ve taken that class and received a C or higher.
  • If you fail the CLEP exam, you must wait 3 months before you can retake it.
  • Official results of each CLEP exam will be sent to you and your school, and take four to six weeks to appear on your transcript.
  • At SLCC, accepted CLEP subjects will become part of your academic history and will not affect your GPA.

For more CLEP information, visit the College Board CLEP website . You also can purchase the CLEP Official Study Guide or individual examination guides by visiting the College Board Store .