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The Study Abroad program is offered through the Engaged Learning Office. Study Abroad prepares you to be a global citizen, engaged learner, and scholar. Through integrating classroom and community-based experiential learning, you will gain an understanding of the diverse global environments and cultures around us. Gain an understanding and appreciation of human differences, develop language skills, dive into service or undergraduate research and/or study global literature through international travel.

Program Learning Goals

  • Provide students with theoretical, and/or analytical frameworks, and practical knowledge for living and working in a global society in order to help students to understand how to interact across boundaries and in diverse contexts with a range of people.
  • Expose students to different cultures and languages to gain a richer, more nuanced worldview, appreciate difference, and gain cultural humility.
  • Help students develop and use intercultural communication and language
  • Encourage students to examine the dynamics of power and how it shapes such issues as knowledge, privilege, gender, economics, religion, environment, and/or race relations.
  • Employ discipline-specific approaches/methods in critically examining international and/or global issues, processes, trends, events, structures, etc.

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What's BRUIN in Study Abroad?

I would tell those who don't think it is possible, that SLCC's team will be with them every step of the way, that they are not in this alone, and that going adventuring is not as intimidating as it may originally appear. Even though it is a bit scary at first, you'll probably surprise yourself by how capable you are. The Costa Rica program has been invaluable to my studies and academic trajectory.

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Thank you Shitennoji Univeristy

Our Japan 2019 study abroad program was a success! Our friends at Shitennoji University (IBU) featured our group of students in three news articles detailing the groups activities at the IBU Welcome Party, Shitennoji Temple and Osaka Castle. There is no better way to learn a language than fully immersing yourself and making some friends along the way. Thank you for the wonderful experience Shitennoji University!

Student Stories

Check out some stories from fellow Bruins who have studied abroad!

Hello! My name is Stephanie Shin and I am a Salt Lake Community College student graduating May 2020. I hope you enjoy hearing about my study abroad story! Even as a high school student, I always knew that I wanted to go on a Study Abroad trip in college. One of the first things I did when I started attending Salt Lake Community College was look for Study Abroad opportunities. I saw a poster in the hallways of one of the buildings, looked them up on SLCC’s website, and soon found myself applying. The Engaged Learning Office also had scholarship options for those needing funding. As someone who has to pay for college myself, I took up this opportunity and applied for the high-impact practices diversity scholarship (there are other scholarships as well like the Gilman Scholarship). To my absolute delight, I got a call from their office notifying me that I was awarded. Immediately, without hesitation, I accepted their offer and I was now officially signed up to go to Costa Rica!

Going to Costa Rica and spending three weeks deep in the forest was a dream come true. From beginning to end, the memories and experiences have made it an unforgettable trip. I still keep in contact with my fellow jungle buddies! I also got to conduct original research on monkeys and peccaries, sight rare species in Costa Rica, and participate in service projects with the people that live in the communities there. This trip to the rain forests of Central America was amazing in so many ways. The native people, the culture, the food, the wildlife, the biodiversity, and the copious amounts of effort Costa Rica puts into improving the environment was eye-opening. I was awed at how hard the guides and staff work at La Selva Biological Station to preserve the surrounding forests as well as striving to learn more about the individual species of plants and animals that habitate it.

I believe my learning has grown and benefited from this experience because I am influenced by the passion the people at La Selva have for the environment. What we take, we should return. I learned about little things I can do to emit less carbon, how invasive species harm an ecosystem and how to remove them, the wildlife found in Costa Rica and how they contribute to their surroundings, etc. In turn, my view on the world and life has changed. Instead of expecting others to do all the work, I should participate as well, even if it's only a small part of it. Any help makes an impact.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to study primates and their relation to peccaries. Each day I would go out on the trails in search for peccaries (a distant relative of the pig), and on the way I would spot monkeys, venomous snakes, turtles, and all kinds of beautiful birds. The whole thing felt like an out-of-body experience in many ways. The land is breathtaking, the air is so clear, the colors so vibrant; but at the same time, the humidity and the heat packed on top of all the walking tired me out like no other. However, zip lining, white-water rafting, watching White-faced Capuchin monkeys up close, and examining peccaries (from afar) made up for everything. It's an experience you can't get anywhere else. Although there were some hard and tiring moments, I would go back in a heartbeat because the memories I made and the knowledge I gained is incredible.

- Stephanie S. Graduating Class of 2020