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The Study Abroad program is offered through the Engaged Learning Office. Study Abroad prepares you to be a global citizen, engaged learner, and scholar. Through integrating classroom and community-based experiential learning, you will gain an understanding of the diverse global environments and cultures around us. Gain an understanding and appreciation of human differences, develop language skills, dive into service or undergraduate research and/or study global literature through international travel.

Program Learning Goals

  • Provide students with theoretical, and/or analytical frameworks, and practical knowledge for living and working in a global society in order to help students to understand how to interact across boundaries and in diverse contexts with a range of people.
  • Expose students to different cultures and languages to gain a richer, more nuanced worldview, appreciate difference, and gain cultural humility.
  • Help students develop and use intercultural communication and language
  • Encourage students to examine the dynamics of power and how it shapes such issues as knowledge, privilege, gender, economics, religion, environment, and/or race relations.
  • Employ discipline-specific approaches/methods in critically examining international and/or global issues, processes, trends, events, structures, etc.

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What's BRUIN in Study Abroad?

I would tell those who don't think it is possible, that SLCC's team will be with them every step of the way, that they are not in this alone, and that going adventuring is not as intimidating as it may originally appear. Even though it is a bit scary at first, you'll probably surprise yourself by how capable you are. The Costa Rica program has been invaluable to my studies and academic trajectory.

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Thank you Shitennoji Univeristy

Our Japan 2019 study abroad program was a success! Our friends at Shitennoji University (IBU) featured our group of students in three news articles detailing the groups activities at the IBU Welcome Party, Shitennoji Temple and Osaka Castle. There is no better way to learn a language than fully immersing yourself and making some friends along the way. Thank you for the wonderful experience Shitennoji University!

Student Stories

Check out some stories from fellow Bruins who have studied abroad!

Hello! I’m Brittney Loose, a SLCC 2022 graduate and Costa Rica Study Abroad participant! I came to SLCC as a returning student in my 30’s fully expecting to get the credits I needed to transfer and move on. I didn’t even know that community colleges offered study abroad opportunities. I soon discovered that SLCC provides multiple study away opportunities both internationally and right here in the United States. I have always sought out opportunities to explore new places and I was immediately interested in joining one of their trips. The only problem was, I had traded my full-time job for a part time internship in order to return to school and I knew that I couldn’t afford both tuition and study abroad. That was when I found out that regardless of their reasonably low fees, they also offered scholarships to make participation accessible and affordable to people like me. I applied and was granted the scholarship I needed in order to join the Costa Rica Study Abroad program.

When I applied for Costa Rica, I was excited to spend time abroad exploring beautiful, lush rainforests and practicing my Spanish. Soon reality set in, and I got nervous! I was sure that I would be the oldest one there and would get lonely not being able to fit in with my fellow students. I was also suddenly aware of the fact that this course required performing under-graduate anthropology research and I am neither an anthropologist nor an experienced researcher. Had I set myself up for failure? The answer was a resounding NO! Even though my roommate was in Elementary school when I was getting married, we become fast friends! By the end of the trip, we could communicate with simply a look, could complete each other’s sentences and had inside jokes that only we thought were funny. The rest of the class was also full of friendly, adventurous people of all ages and majors. Friendships formed fast. Nothing bonds a group of strangers quicker than spending 24/7 together in the wilderness of a foreign place!

I also discovered that I had under-estimated my ability to conduct under-graduate research! The professor walked us through every step of the process from picking our individual projects all the way through completing our final papers. She reassured us whenever anyone felt underqualified, provided all the tools and advice we needed to be successful and was always available to answer questions. Not only have I completed under-graduate research, but I was even able to present my project at the Undergraduate Research Conference. It was a learning opportunity I could never get in a classroom alone!

Returning to Utah, I was hit with immediate culture shock. Despite being excited to sleep in my own bed and shower in my own shower, there was so much that I missed about Costa Rica! Waking up to howler monkeys every morning and falling asleep to the rain every night. Fresh made meals made for me at every meal including some of the most flavorful, fresh fruit I’ve ever eaten. Walking along paths through the greenest jungle I’ve ever seen and discovering that I thrive in humidity! Most of all, being greeted by some of the warmest, most welcoming people in the world (Did I mention Costa Rica has some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met?). My time in Costa Rica taught me so much, about anthropology, research, conservation and ecology, but most of all about myself and what I am truly capable of! I feel more prepared than ever as I continue my education journey at university next Fall!

Brittney L. Graduating Class of 2022

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