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Reverse Transfer

If you’ve taken a minimum of 40 credit hours at SLCC and are attending the University of Utah or Utah State University, you may be eligible to use credits from those schools to receive an associate’s degree from SLCC.

It’s known as a Reverse Transfer and there is no charge to participate. You’ll need a minimum of 21 credit hours from the University of Utah or Utah State University to obtain an associate’s degree from SLCC. You may need more credits, depending on the classes you’ve taken.

It’s a simple process to get your associate’s degree. For a USU reverse transfer, please contact Laurie McBride at 801-957-4794 or email For a U of U reverse transfer, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the University of Utah Request for Transcript Release form and send it to SLCC.
  2. Allow 30 days for SLCC to obtain your transcript from your four-year school and to evaluate your eligibility to earn an Associate’s degree.
  3. SLCC will contact you regarding the status of your associate’s degree.

Benefits of Receiving an Associate's Degree

  • Increasing your job qualifications and earning power
  • Adding a valuable degree to your resume
  • Improving your transfer status
  • Giving you the credential you deserve


Laurie McBride, Operations Associate
Phone: 801-957-4794
Fax: 801-957-4961