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Reviewing Guidelines

You can look through the Undergraduate Projects & Research Conference Reviewing Guidelines below.

Type of Project

You can submit a Research project or a Demonstration project.

A research project is work that has been conducted following the scientific method testing a hypothesis.

A demonstration project is a proof of concept with the primary purpose of showcasing applications, feasibility, performance or a method of an idea.

Presentation Modality

You can present your project as an oral presentation or in poster format.

An oral presentation is more than just reading a set of slides to the audience. You will have 5 minutes to set up, 10 minutes to present and 5 minutes for questions for a total of 20 minutes. You should:

  • Rehearse your presentation to be fully prepared
  • Provide only information that is applicable and necessary for describing your subject to a diverse and general audience
  • Follow a script that allows you to present information in an easy to follow order with strong transitions
  • Engaging the audience through body language, slides, stories, questions, handouts or other means
  • Speak loudly and clearly using media, including visuals, that support, highlight or illuminate main conceptual points
  • Wear appropriate attire
  • Other Resources:

There are many different ways of creating a poster. However, you should check the Repository of Previous Entries to see what other participants have done in prior symposiums. Your poster should:

Creating and Printing your poster: Technical posters are often created using PowerPoint, publishing software like InDesign or the Adobe Creative Suite products (available through the Adobe Desktop on SLCC All Access).

The STEM Learning Resources department will print ONE copy of the poster if it is submitted before March 9th, 2022. Staff are not responsible for mistakes or printing errors so make sure that you proofread your poster before submitting.

If this deadline is missed, participants will be responsible for printing their own posters. Students can print their posters wherever they would like, including the SLCC Printing Services Center. We recommend that you take your poster to a printer at least one full week in advance of the symposium. If you do not, your poster may not be ready for your presentation.


Your project can be independent or faculty-assisted.
An independent project is accomplished by students with minimal or no faculty assistance.
A faculty-assisted project is accomplished by the collaborating with one or more faculty members.

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