Annual Assessments

Assessment Plan & Recommendations

Department assessment plans will be completed on an annual basis by all departments in Student Affairs. If a department is participating in program review, they will not need to complete an assessment plan that year. All assessments will be tied to one of the five strategies in the College’s Strategic Plan

  • Increase Student Completion
  • Improve Transfer Preparation and Pathways
  • Align With and Respond to Workforce Needs
  • Achieve Equity in Student Participation/Completion
  • Secure Institutional Sustainability and Capacity

Departmental outline of the upcoming assessment plan will be due to the AVP, who will forward it on to the Senior Director of Planning & Implementation by September 30 each year. This will serve as a guide for the upcoming assessment activities. Beginning in the 2020-21 academic year, Qualtrics will be utilized to align DOSA assessments with the rest of the College in partnership with Data Science & Analytics. The Assessment Committee will provide ongoing support and coaching to the Directors by facilitating small group check-ins throughout the year. These interactions will be peer-to-peer to help create an atmosphere of exploration and support. Ongoing professional development will be provided by Strategy & Analysis, Data Science & Analytics, and the DOSA Assessment Committee.

During the first year of implementation, the professional development efforts will be intensified. All Directors will attend a specialized workshop to help with the identification of an effective research question in October, 2020. Directors will be given the opportunity to share the results of their assessments at the VP Extended Staff meeting annually. The final written reports will be due to the AVP, who will forward it on to the Senior Director of Planning & Implementation by July 1 each year. These will be uploaded to the Student Affairs website. Departmental IBP requests that are supported by data from assessments will be prioritized by the SALT as appropriate.


  • Ongoing coaching and support will be available for the Directors to help guide them through the assessment process to make it more approachable.
  • This plan will help develop a culture of evidence and continuous improvement within Student Affairs.
  • This plan will build capacity and competency with assessment, evaluation, and research within Student Affairs.
  • By prioritizing IBP requests supported by assessment plans, the SALT will strengthen the division’s commitment to assessment.

Annual Assessment Documents