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Salt Lake Technical College and the School of Technical & Professional Specialties

High School Students SAT Admissions

SAT Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are tuition free for high schoolers who meet the standard entry criteria. CTE programs are a great way to get a jump on your career but note that ESL courses and College Academic Readiness are not included.

You’ll still have to pay the $40 application fee, as well as any student fees, lab fees, and textbook costs. And be aware that high school students are not eligible for federal financial aid.

The School of Applied Technology does not grant high school credit. However, your high school may grant credit for work completed at the SAT. Check with your high school counselors or CTE coordinator.

If you are looking for a concurrent enrollment course or admissions, please see Concurrent Enrollment

Apply for Admission

To enroll in the SAT, complete the following:

  • High school pre-registration form
  • Parent permission form
  • Online SLCC Application
Complete your assessment
  • You’ll have to take the CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems) to determine your academic skill level.
  • Tests are available at all SLCC Student Testing Services locations.
  • Contact 801-957-3284 or
Meet with an advisor
  • After completing your assessment, meet with an advisor to review your test results and programs, and to complete orientation.
  • Advisors are available in room 1-061 G at South City Campus, or TB 407 at Taylorsville Redwood Campus.
  • Contact 801-957-3361, or 801-957-4978.
Pay Fees & Schedule Courses
  • Before you register for courses, you’ll have to pay your fees at Cashier Services.
  • Once fees are paid for your first course/s, your advisor will help you with the registration process.

You May also need

Books and Supplies

Available at SLCC bookstores on the South City, Jordan and Taylorsville Redwood campuses.

Other sites may provide limited bookstore services at the beginning and end of the semester.

Parking Permit or Bus Pass

To park on any SLCC campus, except West Valley Center and Meadowbrook, you’ll need a parking permit. Purchase a permit online or at seven of our campuses. For more information, visit Parking Services.

For information on a discounted Utah Transit Authority pass for UTA buses and TRAX, visit SLCC/UTA Ed-Pass.