Register for Classes

Note: Click any image to expand.

1. Log in to MySLCC and select Registration

2. Click on Register Here under Banner Registration

3. Select the semester from the drop-down menu and click Submit

4. Sign the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement. Type in your S# and then click on I AGREE. (Hint: You can retrieve your S# here)

5. Select Add/Drop Classes

6. Select the semester from the drop-down menu and click Continue

7. Register for Classes appears. Click in the Subject and Course Number field and type in the class name or abbreviation (e.g. “English or ENGL”) and the course number (e.g. “1010”). You can also search by Attribute (e.g. “Low Cost/No Cost Textbook”). Select the class you would like to search, and click on Search.

8. A list of courses appears. Review the course details; you can hover onto a cell to expand on the information. After reviewing, choose the course you want and select the Add button.

9. Your class schedule summary will appear in the bottom right half of the screen

10. Finish registering by selecting Submit

11. Under status, the course will appear as Registered and highlighted in green