Plan Ahead

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The Plan Ahead feature allows you to create potential schedule plans for future terms. When you are ready to register, you will be able to load these plans. Once a term is open to browse for classes you can start planning ahead.

1. Log in to MySLCC and select Registration.

2. Select Register for Classes.

3. Select the semester (term) you want from the drop-down menu and click Submit.

4. Select Plan Ahead.

5. Select the semester (term) you want from the drop-down menu and click Continue.

6. The Select A Plan screen will appear. Select Create a new Plan.

7. Choose the subjects you want to search. Then, select Search.

8. Click on View Sections to review the sections to decide which you want to take.

9. Add the section you choose in your plan by clicking Add. You can click on Catalog Search Results to go back to the previous screen.

10. When you are done selecting your sections, click on Save Plan.

11. A pop-up window appears to choose a name for your plan. Type your plan name and click Save.

12. The course status should read “Planned,” highlighted in green.

13. When registration opens and you are ready to add classes to your schedule, visit the registration screen again. Select Add/Drop Classes.

14. Register for Classes Select the Plans tab.

15.Your saved plan will appear. If you want to add all of the classes, click Add All on the right.

16. The classes will move down into your summary as “Pending.” Click Submit to add the classes to your schedule.

17. The class status appears as “Registered,” and highlighted in green.