Waitlist a Class


The waitlist option is available for most courses filled to capacity and set at 20% of class capacity. The waitlist period mirrors the add period and ends at midnight on the last day to add classes. Waitlist students are instructed to attend the first day of class to receive further instruction from the faculty member. Faculty determine if the waitlisted students continue to attend class.

Waitlist classes are open to all eligible students on a first come, first serve basis. Students registering for a closed class will be offered the opportunity to be put on a Waitlist. When a registered student drops a seat in a closed class, the waitlisted student will be notified by SLCC email. Once notified by email that a seat is available, the waitlisted student has 24 hours to register for the course. If registration is not finalized within the 24-hour period, the student is dropped from the waitlist. The next waitlisted student is notified by email that a seat is available.

Students must meet prerequisites to be eligible for the Waitlist. Waitlisted students with time conflicts are not allowed to register for the class.

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If a course is Closed, you can add yourself to a waitlist to be added to the course if a seat becomes available.

1. Click Register with the course(s) you would like to waitlist in the Registration Cart.

2. A message will appear asking if you would like to join the waitlist. Select the course(s) and click OK. This will put you on the waitlist for the course(s).