Radiology Practical Technician (RPT)


Salt Lake Community College offers two training pathways to become a Radiology Practical Technician (RPT).

One path is through enrollment in the Radiology Technology program requiring a selective admissions process.

The other is by specialized coursework for persons other than radiologic technology students. Both require the student pass a state test to obtain a Utah radiology practical technician (RPT) license. This license allows licensed technicians to perform radiologic examinations for most x-ray orders that are placed at clinics. Medical assistants who obtain this license can perform x-rays along with their normal medical assistant duties.

The RPT specialized coursework offered at SLCC is best suited for medical assistants who wish to increase their skillsets. To enroll in the RPT specialized courses HS 1700 and HS 1710, the applicant must provide one of the following:

  • Transcripts of at least high school level medical terminology and human anatomy; both with a “C” grade or greater, taken within five years of this application.
  • Transcripts of at least high school level human anatomy and SLCC RADS 1010; both with a “C” grade or greater, taken within five years of this application.
  • Pass a placement test with 75% or higher available at the SLCC Jordan Campus Testing Center.

Work opportunities for a licensed Radiology Practical Technician may be limited unless you are already employed as a medical assistant or employee of a chiropractic or orthopedic center.

The RPT training at SLCC consists of two courses (HS 1700 and HS 1710) which are taken concurrently one evening a week in the spring semester. The courses take one semester to complete, after which the student can register to take the state of Utah RPT board examination.

Click here for course syllabi:  HS 1700  HS 1710  

HS 1700 and HS 1710 are each three-credit courses and are offered at the SLCC Jordan Campus in the Health Sciences Center. HS 1700 is an online hybrid course, with an in-class lecture. HS 1710 is a lecture with a hands-on lab.

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Courses HS 1700 and HS 1710 are not affiliated with the SLCC Radiologic Technology program or part of that accredited curriculum.  If you are looking to enroll in the two-year SLCC radiologic technology program please visit: Radiologic Technology

Department approval is required to enroll in the RPT courses HS 1700 and HS 1710. To proceed to sign up for these courses, contact:

Academic Advisors

Maria Murguia
Phone: 801-957-6215

Tyler Barber
Phone: 801-957-6215
Salt Lake Community College