Collegewide Standing Committees, Councils and CWTs

The College has a number of Collegewide standing committees, councils, and Collaborative Work Teams (CWTs) as listed below. Committee charges, leadership, and timelines/terms of office can be viewed at the College-Wide Standing Committees, Councils, and Collaborative Work Teams document (PDF) updated annually each year (last updated May 17, 2022); for membership information, please contact the chair/lead or appropriate Executive Cabinet member.

President – Dr. Deneece G. Huftalin

  • Discussion Team
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • College Planning Council

Provost for Academic Affairs – Dr. Clifton Sanders

  • Academic Scheduling Committee
  • Deans Council
  • Faculty Standing Hearing Committee
  • Open SLCC Advisory Committee
  • Placement Committee
  • SLCC Pathways CWT
  • Workforce and Economic Development Advisory Board (WEDAB)

Vice President for Finance and Administration, CFO - Chris Martin

  • Ethics and Compliance Hotline Committee
  • Risk Control Committee
  • Technology Review Council

Vice President for Government & Community Relations – Tim Sheehan

  • Sustainability Committee
  • Engaging Communities CWT

Vice President for Institutional Advancement – Alison McFarlane

  • Art Committee
  • Convocation Committee
  • Tanner Forum on Social Ethics

Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness – Jeffrey Aird

  • Data Governance Council
  • Employee Recognition Committee
  • Grievance Committee
  • Health Insurance Advisory Committee
  • Institutional Review Board
  • College Retirement Committee
  • Analytics Strategy Committee

Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management – Dr. Chuck Lepper

  • Arts and Cultural Events Committee
  • Commencement Committee
  • Student Employment CWT
  • Student Fee Board
  • Student Standards Committee
  • Technology Fee Board
  • Universal Access Committee

Vice President for Institutional Equity, Inclusion and Transformation – Dr. Juone Kadiri

  • (Under Construction)
  • Emerging Hispanic Serving Institution CWT

Other Governance/Advisory Bodies:

  • Student Association
  • Staff Association
  • Employees of Color Coalition
  • Faculty Senate
  • Faculty Association