Emergency Policy: COVID-19


    At Salt Lake Community College, the health and safety of our college community, their families, and our community are our top priorities. In response to the ongoing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic, the college is enacting this emergency policy and procedure to increase flexibility and relax requirements, as necessary, by authorizing exceptions to existing policies, department rules and practices.

    For the most recent COVID-19 information, visit the college’s COVID-19 information page.

    1. Duties and responsibilities of the president of an institution of higher education–Approval by board of trustees–Applicability to a technical college president, Utah Code Ann. § 53B-2-106.
    2. Vaccination Requirements-Exemptions-Face covering requirements. Utah Code Ann. §53B-2-113.
    3. Proclamation 9994 of March 13, 2020-Declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak, 85 FR 15337.
    4. Continuation of the National Emergency Concerning the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic, 86 FR 11599.
    5. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    1. Face-Covering: A cloth or similar material that completely covers the nose and mouth. A face-covering does not include a mask with an exhalation valve, vent, or other hole or opening.
    2. COVID-19 Vaccine: Two (2) doses of the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Covidshield, Sinopharm BIBP, or Sinovac vaccines; or one (1) dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 
    1. General
      1. This emergency policy grants the president the authority to temporarily amend, rescind, or modify any college policy, department rule, or practice to ensure that necessary and appropriate actions are taken to ensure the efficient and effective administration and operation of the college.
      2. This policy is effective June 8, 2020, until the COVID-19 pandemic emergency ends.
    2. Face-Coverings.
      1. Face coverings are no longer required in most areas on campus. However, the college strongly recommends that individuals who have not been fully vaccinated continue to wear face coverings inside college buildings and when standing outdoors within six feet from other individuals.
      2. The College does require face coverings for:
        1. School of Health Sciences employees and students participating in internship/externships at external medical facilities.
        2. School of Health Sciences employees, students and clients participating in the college's
          1. Physical and Occupational Therapy Clinic; and
          2. Dental Hygiene Clinic.
        3. Employees and students who are working or receiving services in the Center for Health and Counseling.
      3. Individuals who cannot wear a face-covering due to a health condition or disability should coordinate with the Disability Resource Center or the Employee Relations Leave Coordinator for appropriate accommodation.
      4. For deaf or hard of hearing individuals and those communicating with deaf or hard of hearing individuals who are not wearing a face-covering to communicate, the college strongly recommends a clear face-shield.
      5. Disposable face-coverings should be disposed of according to established departmental procedures, Disposable face-coverings must not be placed in recycle bins.
    3. COVID-19 Vaccines
      1. Every college student must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
      2. Every college student must submit the Proof of Vaccination Form, demonstrating,
        1. the student has recieved the COVID-19 vaccination; or
        2. the student claims a medical, religious, or personal exemption.
    4. Administration
      1. Employees not wearing a face-covering when required, will be referred to their immediate or second-level supervisor.
      2. Students not wearing a face covering when required will be requested by their instructor to put one on. If the student refuses, the instructor shall instruct the student to exit their clinical site.
      3. Students not wearing a face-covering when required will be referred to the dean of students.
      4. Other members of the of the college community not wearing a face-covering will be asked to put one on. If the person refuses, that person will be referred to the college's Public Safety Department.
      5. Students who do not meet the COVID-19 vaccine requirement will have a "hold" placed on their record that will prevent registration for future classes.
        1. Each student will receive a registration "hold for the Spring 2022 semester after September 13, 2021. This "hold" will be removed when the student completes the Proof of Vaccination form with either proof of vaccine receipt or rrequest for medical, religious, or personal exemption. 

Date of last cabinet review: September 8, 2021

The originator of this policy & procedure is the President's Office. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4244.