Salt Lake Community College Policies and Procedures


STAFF ASSOCIATION Board of Trustees Approval: 07/08/2003

CHAPTER 1 Date of Last Cabinet Review: 06/19/2003

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    The primary purposes of the Salt Lake Community College Staff Association are:

    1. To facilitate communication, understanding, and cooperation among staff members of Salt Lake Community College;

    2. To promote the development of unity and a sense of identity among Staff Association members as a community of peers;

    3. To provide an authoritative voice for expressing problems and concerns of Staff Association members;

    4. To promote professional growth of the members;

    5. To promote a sound working relationship with the College administration;

    6. To provide an open avenue of communication with other college associations;

    7. To continue to promote a professional environment for students and staff; and

    8. To promote the objectives and general welfare of the College.

General membership in the Staff Association is given to all full-time, non- faculty employees without regard to gender, age, ethnicity, creed, or national origin.

Membership will be continuous until the member leaves or resigns from Salt Lake Community College or until his/her position is redefined as a non-staff position by the Human Resource Department. Members of the SLCC President’s Cabinet and

Management Groups as defined by the SLCC President are not eligible for membership in the Association.

The Staff Association shall recognize and honor the Constitution of the Salt Lake Community College Staff Association as ratified May 2001.