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Salt Lake Community College Parking Services

Parking permits are required on ALL SLCC Campuses. These permits are digital and based on your license plate. SLCC Parking Permits may be purchased online on the Parking Services Portal, accessed through MySLCC under the Campus Life tab for students, or the Employee tab for Faculty and Staff.  Students may purchase permits for either a semester ($23.00), or for a school year ($45.00). These are valid Fall through the end of Summer. Students may have up to two vehicles on their permit. Faculty and Staff will be sent correspondence on renewing their permit mid-July.

The Parking Services Portal is also where you can add and remove license plates from your account, check the expiration dates for permits, and pay and/or appeal citations. It will be your responsibility as a permit holder to make sure vehicle information entered on the portal is accurate and linked to your permit. 

If you are taking classes at Library Square, or are taking classes through the School of Applied Technology (ESL, etc.), then it is necessary for you to contact Parking Services to obtain a permit. Regular student permits are NOT valid at Library Square, staff parking stalls, visitor pay lots, or coin meters. 

To avoid parking citations, visit Parking for all rules and regulations. If you have questions about parking, call (801) 957-4011.

Safety Tips

As the temperatures rise, it’s even more imperative not to leave children or pets in vehicles. Be aware of changes in your routine that may cause you to forget your child or pet is with you in the vehicle. One helpful suggestion-put your purse or backpack in the seat next to the child or pet so that you see them when you exit the car.

Do not leave your belongings unattended on campus.

Lock your cars and place valuables out of sight.

Don’t click on links in emails or on other pages that advertise mystery shopper deals or other types of deals that require you to deposit check or send gift cards or check. There are many similar schemes like this being advertised. This website provides more information about this scam.

Emergency Preparedness

Talk about a safety plan with your family in case of an earthquake or other disaster at home. Pack a 72 hour kit and put it in your car. Store water and food at your home in case you’re trapped there. This link provides helpful advice on what items will help you in case of an emergency.

Need help?

If you or someone you know is feeling hopeless or suicidal, there are many resources available to help you. The Salt Lake Community College resources can be found here and you can call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Campus Safety Services

I am BJ Gunn, the Campus Safety Department supervisor. Our Campus Safety Department at Salt Lake Community College is here to serve you. Please call police dispatch 801-957-3800 to reach us. We offer the following services:

  • Car jump starts
  • Car and office unlock (when permitted)
  • Safety escorts between your vehicle and classes
  • Any other safety needs

For any questions, please contact me at 801-957-3819. 

Evacuations on Campus – Info found in the Red Emergency Procedures Flipchart

  • A building must be evacuated if fire alarm sounds or if instructed to do so by Law Enforcement, Fire personnel, an administrative representative or a Building Marshal
  • Leave building, turn off lights and close door behind you
  • Do not use the elevator, stairs only
  • Evacuate to your designated Emergency Assembly Point found at Building Evacuation website
  • Keep streets and walkways clear for first responders
  • Supervisors account for all your employees
  • Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so by Fire Personnel, Fire Marshal, or Law Enforcement

New Emergency Management Coordinator

I am Rob Benton and I started working for SLCC 2 months ago. I’ve had experience working in the Emergency Medical Services community and I served in the Armed Forces. I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and a master’s degree from Queen’s University in Belfast Northern Ireland.

Utah Highway Patrol Messages

Wear your helmet, ride with traffic, and wear reflective clothing on your bicycles. Bicycle safety is a priority for our Troopers! Watch for vehicle traffic especially when traveling on campus.

Good weather means lots of people walking and riding. Pedestrians should not cross streets outside of marked crosswalks when they are available. While driving a car, you must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks when they are on the same side of the road that you’re traveling on. In school zones you are required to stop anytime that someone is in the crosswalk. During a recent crosswalk enforcement operation around Redwood campus, over 20 cars failed to stop for a pedestrian in the crosswalk!

Safety on SLCC Campuses

Safety is a job for all of us! I’m Lieutenant Jalaine Hawkes. I work with the Utah Highway Patrol Troopers that patrol your campuses and provide police services for Jordan, Redwood, South City, and Meadowbrook campuses. If you see something concerning or out of place, please call dispatch or 911 immediately. We are all part of the team that keeps our campuses safe. You can reach dispatch at 801-957-3800 twenty-four hours a day. If you have suggestions on ways to make our campus a safer place, please call anytime or stop in at the Gunderson Building 801-957-4615.

Upcoming Events

FREE basic self-defense class sponsored by the Utah Highway Patrol. Three hours on June 13th at the LAC. Contact Lt. Hawkes to get signed up, spots are limited (

The Utah Highway Patrol Would Like You to "Check Your Six".

This is a term used by military and law enforcement to "look over one's shoulder." Driving in parking lots, walking to your vehicle, waiting for the bus, and walking to class are all the perfect opportunities to check your six and increase your safety!

Protect Your Bike

Have you tried out the bike security cage at South City Campus? You can register your bike with the Parking Enforcement Division and ensure your bike will be there when you come back for it!

Watch Out for Burglars

You may think that burglars all look really obvious and sneaky, however you would be surprised how many ordinary looking people may be up to no good. Lock your office when you step out, don't leave key cards or valuables on your desk, and stow valuables in your trunk or a more secure and less visible location in parking lots.

Prevent Parking Lot Accidents

Five Types of Parking Accidents
  1. Two vehicles backing out at same time
  2. Vehicles traveling down intersecting parking lanes 
  3. Vehicle traveling down parking lane while another vehicle backs out
  4. Two vehicles attempting to park in the same stall
  5. Rear end crashes due to improper lookout or following too close

Report Suspicious Activity

Reporting suspicious or dangerous situations on campus is simple:
Call 911 for emergencies and 801-957-3800 for non-emergencies.

Weapons Policy

The only weapons allowed on campus are firearms carried by law enforcement officers and concealed carry permit holders. If you think someone may have a weapon, report the situation to Police immediately.

Request a Parking Lot Escort

Did you know that Campus Security Officers and UHP Troopers are available to escort you to your vehicle should you ever feel unsafe? Call Campus Police and request an escort any time. Troopers are on duty 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

SLCC Emergency Management

Lisa SchwartzMeet Lisa Schwartz, your emergency manager for all SLCC campuses. It is her job to develop and conduct training on our emergency procedures and protocols.

Check out our Emergency Preparedness page on the SLCC website for more information and training opportunities,

You can contact Lisa at or 801-957-4963.

Emergency Notification System

Make sure you go to MySLCC to opt in to the Emergency Notification System.

CERT Teams

Each campus has volunteer emergency response team members (CERT). This team can help in their neighborhood or at work during emergency situations. If you want to receive training and help out, please let Lisa know!