Emergency Management

Our Mission

Salt Lake Community College’s Emergency Management Program is committed to the preparation for, response to, recovery from, and reduction or elimination of losses from natural and technological hazards that may negatively affect its students, faculty, staff, visitors, property and College facilities.

To accomplish this, Emergency Management:

  • Establishes and promotes a foundation for emergency management and the framework for effective plans and procedures
  • Develops and aligns achievable emergency management goals and objectives with the vision, mission, and purpose of SLCC
  • Defines procedures pertinent to the execution of the Emergency Management Program
  • Identifies, establishes and maintains good working relationships with internal and external emergency management partners
  • Strengthens program continuity and viability by identifying source funding, recommending normal budget levels and establishing expected benchmarks or milestones

The Emergency Management Program incorporates elements applicable to emergency preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery activities at SLCC. Those elements are from the national standard on emergency management and business continuity programs National Fire Protection Association Standard 1600.

See Emergency Preparedness for more information.