Salt Lake Community College in partnership with UTA's Ed-Pass Program is providing its students an ed-pass for use with TRAX and UTA buses. UTA offers a premium pass option at UTA's student discounted rate which can be used with Frontrunner as well as buses and trax. In order to be eligible for a pass, an individual must have a valid SLCC OneCard, and be an active registered student.

To purchase your bus pass please follow these steps:

1. Register for classes (for upcoming or current semester)
2. Buy your UTA pass online. Select SLCC from the institution drop-down list, choose from the list of available pass options (30-day, premium 30-day or semester, premium semester), purchase it then print out a copy of your receipt.
3. Go to any ID center, show them your receipt, request your new OneCard (if you haven't got it already) and they will print your OneCard and activate your bus pass at the same time!

Note: If you already have your OneCard simply go online, purchase your pass, then go to any ID center and have your OneCard activated!

UTA Student Pass offerings

Semester Pass - Bus and Trax only
Premium Semester Pass - Frontrunner, Bus, and Trax

30-day Pass - Bus and Trax only
Premium 30-day Pass - Frontrunner, Bus, and Trax

Prices are subject to change, visit UTA's Buy a Student Pass webpage for current prices and discounts.

When you purchase a pass, it can take up to two business days for your activation to process through UTA's system, so your actual starting activation date is two days after your purchase and will run for 30-day's or to the end of the semester pass date depending on the pass you choose. For 30-day passes, after 25 days of your service, you will be able to purchase your next 30-day pass! You must come to any ID center each time you purchase a new 30-day pass to have it activated on your OneCard.

SLCC checks your registration status before activating your OneCard as your bus pass. Please make sure you are registered for the current semester to be eligible to have your OneCard activated as your bus pass. If you purchase a pass and are not currently registered, your OneCard will not be activated and you will need to get a refund from UTA for your purchase.