Healing Arts Lab

Due the complex nature of nursing, high quality simulation is integral to the progression and education of the nursing student. The Simulation lab provides nursing students with state of the art hands on practical experience in order to learn the application of nursing skills, along with the instruction from our skilled staff. In the simulation lab, students will perform assessments and interventions on lifelike mannequins, which provide immediate and realistic feedback for the student. The students also complete a simulated scenario of caring for a real patient with advancing difficulty through the course of the Associate Degree in Nursing/Registered Nurse program.

Our programmable mannequins are enabled to provide lifelike heart, lung and bowel sounds, as well as interact with the students with limited verbal communication. Students can also review vital signs of the mannequins with programmable EKG rhythms for advanced assessment. Our high-fidelity mannequin also allows for neurological assessment including pupillary response to light. Students learn all nursing skills in the lab on the mannequins prior to implementing these skills on live patients. Students are able to learn phlebotomy and placing IV’s on the mannequins with palpation of blood vessels and actual blood return upon needle insertion, as well as urine return for placement of urinary catheters. The students will also be guided through a realistic child birth scenario with one of our advanced mannequins. These realistic responses enhance student learning and prepare them for clinical experience.

A simulated scenario or case study is provided in the lab for each semester advancing in difficulty for the students. Beginning with basic medication administration and skills in nursing fundamentals, through the program to advanced delivery of IV meds and caring for an intubated and ventilated patient. These scenarios provide the student with a realistic situation and challenge the students to apply the skills and assessment learned during the semester. Our simulation lab offers the very best to our students to prepare them for their career.