Part-Time or Evening Students

Pursuing a degree as a part-time student can be very challenging.  Part-time and evening-only students often have to pick and choose and prioritize, being sure to catch classes when they are offered at a time that will fit into their schedule.

If you are a part-time student, especially if you work during the day and are only able to take classes at night, we recommend that the theory and ear training classes be the highest priority in your scheduling plan. Each of the four Music Theory and Sight Singing/Ear Training classes should be taken concurrently with each other (for a total of four credits).

The Theory/Ear Training sequence is rarely offered in the evening - beginning a new sequence at most only every two years (so if you miss it, you will need to wait two more years before the sequence will start again).  Students will need to be sure to start the sequence when it is offered at a time that you can take it and commit yourself to completing the sequence in the four subsequent semesters.

Other required classes, especially General Education classes are offered with greater frequency in the evenings.

Aside from this, music classes that are regularly offered in the evenings include Songwriting I (Music 1050) and Intro to MIDI/Electronic Music Composition (Music 1520).  These classes are extremely popular and tend to fill up; it is recommended that sign up for them early to reserve your seat in the class.