The Music Department offers a two-year program of music education for students planning to major in music at a four-year institution, as well as the student who is interested in improving their individual musical knowledge and abilities.

Within the Music Department is the Music Recording Technology (MRT) program. Students in this program focus on the audio production process with opportunities in studio-based music recording, MIDI, live sound mixing sound system design, game audio design and motion picture sound.

The Department also offers opportunities to develop individual music skills in guitar, piano, voice and other instruments as well as performing experience in auditioned and nonauditioned ensembles. SLCC's award-winning performing ensembles provide an important contribution to the college and the community at large, performing in numerous venues for a variety of functions. They have also served as an ambassador for the college, representing SLCC and the surrounding community.

The Music Department faculty supports high standards in music education; they encourage and mentor individual students to attain their highest potential.

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Program Contacts

Division Office

Communication and Performing Arts
South City Campus
Phone: 801-957-3099

Academic Advisor

Vorn Bullough
South City Campus
Phone: 801-957-3114