Why Study Languages?

Knowledge of languages other than English is essential to Twenty-First Century global citizens, and language courses contribute in a fundamental way to preparing you to participate fully in world affairs as informed citizens, and as employers and employees in a wide variety of fields.

Both Salt Lake City and SLCC welcome many people from around the globe. Our language and culture courses enable you to better understand and appreciate the cultures of your classmates and neighbors.

Competence in more than one language and culture enables people to:

  • communicate with other people in other cultures in a variety of settings
  • look beyond their customary borders
  • develop insight into their own language and culture
  • act with greater awareness of self, of other cultures, and their own relationship to those cultures
  • gain direct access to additional bodies of knowledge
  • participate more fully in the global community and marketplace

World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages [Fourth Edition] (pp. 16 – 17)

Language courses are required in all AA and numerous AS SLCC programs. 

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