Language Placement Test

Congratulations on your decision to take a language class at SLCC. Our faculty have extensive teaching experience and are committed to fostering your passion for, and skill in, the language of your choice.

The placement exam is designed to help you maximize your SLCC language experience. Correct placement will save you time and trouble as you plan your schedule, and it may save you significant tuition dollars as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should take the SLCC placement test if you intend to take a foreign language at SLCC and you:

  • have studied the target language at secondary school (i.e., junior high/middle school, high school, etc.) and/or another institution of higher education (college, university, etc.).
  • have acquired the target language by living in an area/areas where the target language is spoken (e.g., for missionary work, military service, and so on).
  • if you are an American student who grew up speaking another language in the home in addition to English (foreign native speakers are not permitted to take the placement test; see note 1 below)
  • are asked to do so by your instructor.

You do not have to take the SLCC foreign language placement test if you have never studied or learned the target language in any of the ways indicated above. In this case, you should enroll directly into 1010, the first course in your language sequence.

Foreign language placement testing is available in Arabic, Chinese Mandarin (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. There is also a placement test for heritage Spanish speakers: people who grew up speaking Spanish in the home, but lived in the U.S. (for example) and didn’t use it in school.

Note 1: If you are a native or other highly-skilled speaker of a language other than English, you are probably too advanced for SLCC courses in your native/target language.

  • You may complete your foreign language requirement as described by the SLCC’s Experiential Language Credit Policy. This policy allows you to test out of the language requirement altogether.
  • We hope to see you in another SLCC language course!

Note 2: Currently we do not offer a placement exam in Portuguese. Please contact Jeanine Alesch, the faculty mentor for Portuguese, for placement guidance.

The test is free for SLCC students, but you are limited to one a year (except in rare cases).

All you need to do is go to the Center for Languages in TB 315, Monday-Friday, between 9 A.M. and 7 P.M. No appointment is necessary. You must bring your SLCC student ID card. This card will show your “S number” (your 8-digit student ID number).

You will be asked to sign in, with your name, S#, email address, and selected language. Remember, there is no charge for the first language placement test that you take in one academic year.

The test will last about an hour. Come rested and relaxed, and allow yourself plenty of time. In order to measure your current skills accurately, please do your best. You will be most successful when you are enrolled in a class at the correct level, and you will also enjoy the class more.

You should take the test at least two weeks prior to the semester you would like to take the target language course at SLCC.

Your score will go to the faculty mentor for your language. Your faculty mentor will email you the placement result, and will ask the department assistant to give you a course override, if you place above 1010.

You may be placed into 1010, 1020, 2010, or 2020 according to the results of your test score. If you don’t hear from your faculty mentor, please take the initiative to contact him/her directly.

Jeanine Alesch (Arabic, French, German) AAB 165N 801-957-5104
Carolina Bloem (Italian, Spanish) AAB 237W 801-957-4512
Lin Chen (Chinese Mandarin; test coordinator) TB 418 801-957-4052
Takashi Ebira (Japanese, Russian) AAB 237U 801-957-5101

If you think that the result of your placement test is too low, you have an option of taking the foreign language proficiency test. Your proficiency score can override the result of your placement test. Otherwise, you need to wait one year to retake the placement test.

If you think that the result of your placement test is too high, please contact your language mentor and discuss your concerns. Our priority is placing you correctly, so you will get the maximum benefit from your effort and tuition costs.

General Education for all Associate of Arts (AA) students includes a language requirement. The requirement can be fulfilled by any 1020 course (Second Semester Language.). Successful completion of a 2020 language course will fulfill the B.A. language requirement at a four-year institution, such as the U. of Utah.

Yes, you can test out of these language requirements. Click here for SLCC’s Experiential Language Credit Options.