Students and tutors can now schedule and cancel tutoring appointments by clicking on to the links below:

For Students:

Schedule an Appointment

For Tutors:

Tutor Login

To make an appointment:

Click on the "Tutor Schedule" link above. From here you must provide your name, email, course, instructor's name. Then you must create your own login name and password. Please remember to make it so that you do not forget it. Login and find the tutor's name and chose either "Tutoring" or "Conversation." If there are any special requests (i.e. practice verb conjugations, talk about cultural aspects in the target language) feel free to write those in also, so the tutor can be aware of your needs.

To cancel an appointment:

We ask that appointments needing to be canceled be done so 24 hours in advance. After you click on the "Tutor Schedule" button and login, it will list the day and time of your appointment. There will be a link that says "Cancel appointment." Click on that link at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If it is the day of the appointment and you need to cancel, please call the Center for Languages as soon as possible to let the tutor know.

If you have a problem with your appointment:

If you have a bad experience with your appointment (tutor doesn't show up, doesn't seem prepared, etc.), please let us know as soon as possible. Please send an e-mail us telling us when your appointment was, who it was with, and we will take care of it.

Request Lab Hours:

Your instructor provides you with how many lab hours you have on a week to week or monthly basis. But in case you are curious, you can send an e-mail the lab coordinator, lin.chen@slcc.edu.