SEVIS Advising Frequently Asked Questions

The Form I-20 is a Certificate of Eligibility issued to prospective students who meet admissions and financial requirements for SLCC. Students present this form to the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate in order to receive the F-1 student visa. Form I-20s are prepared by International Student Services upon receipt of completed applications and acceptance to SLCC.

Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is an online database of information about international students in the U.S. It’s maintained by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

F-1 and M-1 international students are required to register in the federal Student Exchange and Visitor Information System (SEVIS), and must maintain legal status by following federal regulations.

You must have a complete and accurate Form I‑20 to complete the online Form I‑901. You must pay the SEVIS I-901 fee at least three business days prior to your visa interview, and have proof that you paid it. Print a receipt when you pay online and keep the receipt as proof.

You can pay the SEVIS fee in three ways:

  • A credit card online
  • Mail an international money order or U.S. bank check
  • Western Union Quick Pay service in your country

Student information maintained in SEVIS includes: name, date of birth, country of birth, country of citizenship, overseas permanent and U.S. local addresses, program and major, program start and end dates, level of study, funding requirements, and funding sources.

  • Failure to arrive or enroll
  • Failure to obtain permission for part-time enrollment
  • Withdrawal or termination from your program and reason for termination
  • Change of address
  • Change of other relevant information such as name, completion date, school or site of activity
  • Early graduation
  • Recommendations for employment authorization or reinstatement
  • Failure to maintain nonimmigrant status

If you have SEVIS questions, call 801-957-4528 or email Include your full name and Student Number in your email.

You may travel outside of the U.S. while in F-1 status. The following guidelines must be followed: If you are leaving during break, you must be registered full-time (at least 12 credit hours) for the next semester. At least two weeks before you plan to depart the U.S., bring your I-20 to International Student Services to have it signed by an International Student Advisor. You must get a new travel signature each semester. If you have graduated or are on Optional Practical Training (OPT), you are also required to show your Employment Authorization Card when traveling. You will need a new I-20 for re-entry into the U.S. in the following situations: If your I-20 is expired; If you are out of status; If you are leaving the country for five or more months; If you are leaving the U.S. in the middle of the semester and are planning to return to SLCC to continue your studies in a future semester.

A full-time student at SLCC is registered for and completes between 12 and 18 credit hours per semester. F-1 visa students are required to be registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester in order to maintain their status – if you withdraw from a class and drop below the required 12 credit hours in a semester, you will lose your F-1 status.

Health insurance is mandatory at SLCC for all international students. Health insurance is also available for their accompanying dependents (spouse and/or children). For more information on the Geoblue insurance, please visit: Geoblue Students or call: (844) 268-2686.

International students may open a bank account; there are many banks to choose from in the Salt Lake City area. In order to open an account, you need to have either a taxpayer ID number or a Social Security number.
(Wells Fargo Bank does not require a SSN or ITIN)

Dependents (spouse and minor children) of an F-1 student will be permitted to join you in the U.S. provided you demonstrate that there are sufficient financial resources for their support. SLCC estimates it will cost $5,000 per dependent per year. A spouse and/or dependent children of F-1 students hold F-2 status and are not permitted to work in the U.S.

The best way to register for classes is online with MySLCC. If you are in ESL Levels 1-3, you must register in person with an Advisor at South City Campus.

International students are considered non-residents and pay non-resident tuition. Full time tuition rates can be found at: SLCC Tuition and Student Fees. This does not include books, health insurance, room and board or other personal expenses. Students enrolled in ESL Levels 1-3 are billed per class hour. One semester consists of 300 hours of class. Tuition rates for ESL can be found at: School of Applied Technology: English as a Second Language.

F-1 students are not required to register for a full course of study during official school breaks, such as summer and inter-semester breaks. An F-1 student is considered to be maintaining status as long as he or she is eligible and intends to register for the next semester. Be advised that there are exceptions. For example, if the summer is your first semester, then you must register full-time. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain F-1 status; therefore, please contact International Student Services should you have any questions.

A social security number is required to work in the U.S. In order for an F-1 student to receive a social security number, the student must: Be maintaining their F-1 status by being registered full-time. Obtain a written employment offer Request a letter from International Student Services to apply for a social security card. Once the letter is prepared, the student should go in person to the local social security office to apply for a social security card. Remember to bring your I-20, passport, visa, I-94, and letters. The social security office will send your social security card via mail in about 2-4 weeks.

A student is generally eligible to work on-campus, up to 20 hours a week, while attending school. Additional requirements are that the student must be maintaining their F-1 status by being registered full-time and maintaining a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. To seek work authorization, visit International Student Services.

CPT is authorized temporary employment for the purpose of practical training that is an integral part of an established curriculum. CPT is available to undergraduate international students after their first 9 months in F-1 student status (students in the ESL program or in a General Studies A.S. degree are not eligible).

OPT is authorized temporary employment for the purpose of practical training directly related to a student’s area of study. It is available before and after you complete your studies (for a maximum of 12 months). OPT is not available to students with a General Studies major.

If you have lost your I-20 you can apply for a replacement I-20 at International Student Services. You will need to provide an updated bank and/or sponsor statement that is less than 3 months old showing that you have sufficient funding to pay for your schooling expenses while in the U.S.

You will need to contact your country’s embassy for the renewal procedures. You can find your country’s embassy contact information at:

Yes, but you must have at least 9 credit hours in a regular face to face classroom setting and the remaining 3 credit hours may be taken online. If you have questions regarding this requirement please visit International Student Services for more clarification.