Education, Transfer, and Career Pathways

Interior Design Students enjoy creative problem solving, drawing, digital designs, collaboration, related to the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry) as well as the history and practice of Interior Design and Architecture. Students are willing to take challenging classes, receive critique to expand their vision, be flexible to work outside of their comfort zone, and willing to create meticulously crafted projects. Within our programs is a wide range of interests bound together by a common duty to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare within a built environment.

Interior Design programs utilize traditional analog and current and state of the art digital technologies to provide students with the foundational skills necessary to enter the workforce or successfully transfer to a 4-year college or university.

The Interior Design program assists students in preparation for a transfer to a 4-year university or career in the broad field of Interior Design with our certificate and AAS degree.

Students learn the theory and practice of design, from conceptual explorations of space and eco/environmental issues to computer-aided design and rendering. Students explore and refine how to creatively combine materials, textiles, decorative arts, lighting, and more while applying their own creative sensibility to fulfilling the requirements of a client. With the guidance of our professional faculty, students learn to build both theoretical and practical foundations, expand their vision, and explore new avenues of expression. Opportunities to obtain a degree in Interior Design are readily available.

Depending on what your question is about, there are several resources available to you for more information on the courses and programs offered within the Architecture or Interior Design Departments at SLCC.

Interior Design:

Programs Certificates & Degrees Workforce or Transfer?
Interior Design AAS Workforce
CP Transfer

There are many different career options available in Interior Design. We offer a wide variety of courses and elective choices that can be chosen according to your specific interest and goals. After the first semester or 2 of recommended courses, you should have a good idea of what area may interest you the most. We can then guide you to the best path for electives to reach that goal.

Required Courses in the Interior Design Program:

  • INTD 1010 FA Introduction to Interior Design
  • INTD 1050 Professional Seminar
  • INTD 1100 Drafting and Space Utilization
  • INTD 1200 Color for Interiors
  • INTD 1250 Digital Graphics for Interior Design
  • INTD 1270 Survey of Furniture and Architectural Styles
  • INTD 1300 Drawing for Interior Design
  • INTD 1450 CAD for Interiors
  • INTD 1950 Materials and Components of Interior Design
  • INTD 2200 Constructions Techniques and Residential Codes
  • INTD 2300 Lighting Design and Application
  • INTD 2370 Fundamentals of Revit
  • INTD 2350 Space Planning and Commercial Codes
  • INTD 2400 Kitchen and Bath Design
  • INTD 2600 Business Practice of Interior Design
  • INTD 2700 Interior Design Portfolio

Elective Course Options:

  • INTD 1020 Feng Shui
  • INTD 1750 Design Psychology
  • INTD 2000 Internship
  • INTD 2150 Green Design
  • INTD 2380 Advanced Digital Graphics
  • INTD 2800 Historic Preservation
  • ARCH 1010 Intro to Design Professions

The most important decision a student will make while attending SLCC is what certificate or degree to complete (Links to an external site.). It is very important to know the difference between an AAS and an AS degree and a Certificate of Proficiency. Students seeking to attend SLCC and then enter the workforce should complete an AAS degree. These degrees are designed for industry. They contain a limited number of general education credits so that students can spend the majority of their time taking classes within their specialization area. AAS degrees culminate in the creation of a portfolio that can be used to apply for jobs.

AAS degrees take a deeper dive into the specialization area than an AS degree, but do not set a student up for transfer. The Interior Design Program at SLCC does not have an AS degree, but we do have a Certificate of Proficiency, which combined with the Certificate of Completion in General Education, will transfer as a package to Weber State University.

Some career options with an AAS degree in Interior Design:

  • Residential Interior Designer
  • Commercial Interior Designer
  • Kitchen and Bath Design
  • Historic Preservation and Restoration
  • Product Sales Representative
  • Home Staging
  • Product and Furniture Design
  • Color Consultant
  • Computer Aided Drafter and Modeler

SLCC has a Certificate of Proficiency designed to transfer to Weber State University for students that wish to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design. Meeting with Program and Department Advising at both SLCC and Weber State is necessary to ensure proper sequencing of courses, efficient time to degree completion and to facilitate a smooth transfer experience. Contact at Weber State is Interior Design Department coordinator-Kristen Arnold. For additional information for SLCC, contact

Additional transfer requirements:

  • All required SLCC Interior Design courses must be completed with a “B” grade or better to apply to WSU BS program requirements.
  • An overall GPA of 3.0 is required.
  • Work with Academic Advising at both schools to verify general education requirements.
Degree Transfer Options
Interior Design CP

This certificate is designed to transfer to Weber State University. This CP combined with the Certificate of Completion for General Education will transfer directly to Weber State.

For more information please contact

Interior Design (Program Manager – Mojdeh Sakaki)

Jeri Eastman
Associate Professor
Taylorsville Redwood
TB 307 C

Naima Nawabi
Assistant Professor
Taylorsville Redwood
TB 307 D

Mojdeh Sakaki
Program Manager
Taylorsville Redwood
TB 307 A

The Architecture and Interior Design departments are in the Division of Visual Arts & Design in the School of Arts, Communication & Media.

Division Information
Division of Visual Art & Design
Bryan Griggs, Associate Dean
South City Campus, Room 2-059

School Information
School of Arts, Communication & Media
Richard Scott, Dean
South City Campus, Room 2-101

The Interior Design departments participate in several inspiring and informative events throughout the year, including service projects. Once you enroll as a student, you become part of the community and are encouraged to participate in these events, clubs and organizations. Some examples include: