Reefs of Diversity: Embarkation

A New Shore, A New Voyage of Discovery: 

During 2019-2020, a listenership review of the previous President’s Council for Inclusivity & Equity (PCIE) was conducted by the new Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Kinikini involving formal and informal consultations and discussions across all sections of the College. The result of this listening review was to berth a new conceptual structure for diversity, equity and inclusion. The new structure will expand the PCIE significantly, create sustainable links to each Vice-President’s Diversity Plans, provide continuity and connection to the College’s Strategic Plan and will be in a continuous process of emergence, testing and improvement as the entire College continues to strengthen, mitigate risks, and “paddle together” to reach our destination.

Please read more about the new conceptual model here: Cultivating Reefs of Diversity at Salt Lake Community College: 2020