Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research is an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that could involve innovative ideas, project-based learning, systematic study, empirical observation, or collaborative work with faculty. Students may be involved in answering actively contested questions, being engaged in descriptive and interpretive research, or expanding on prior knowledge.  


  • Designing a research project, collecting data, and analyzing the results.  
  • Involvement in a faculty research project (for example, a literature review, data collection, etc.).  
  • Discovering independent research with support from a faculty mentor.  
  • Participating in case studies.  
  • Verifying existing research or metanalysis of previous bodies of work.
  • Participating in a classroom curriculum that provides the necessary skills, training, and methodology in undergraduate research.

For resources to implement undergraduate research, contact your course/program coordinator and/or your Associate Dean. More information is also on the undergraduate research web page.