General Education ePortfolio Capstone-in-Progress

SLCC’s general education program features ePortfolios as capstones-in-progress wherein students curate artifacts of their learning along with reflection. Students prepare an ePortfolio showcasing their best work on signature assignments, which may include projects, presentations, lab experiments, artwork, performances, or other demonstrations that they are achieving general education learning outcomes. As students experience their general education courses, the ePortfolio allows them to actively construct the general education foundation to their major, their career, and their lives as citizens.

Examples of high-impact ePortfolio integration include:

  • Reflection activities, assignments, and projects embedded throughout the course curriculum.
  • Early ePortfolio Set Up assignment/project that encourages students to create relevant, engaging, and meaningful content on the required pages.
  • Multimodal assignments and projects that students are encouraged to showcase in their ePortfolios.
  • Hypertext assignments and projects.
  • Course ePortfolio functions as both a learning and showcase portfolio.

For resources to effectively implement ePortfolio as a HIP, contact the ePortfolio team ( and visit our ePortfolio site