Diversity (DV) courses and co-curricular projects at SLCC help students critically examine the history, contributions of, and challenges confronting diverse groups and multicultural societies within the United States.

Examples of non-DV designated courses and/or co-curricular projects that focus on issues of diversity include:

  • Centrally focus on the culture, history, or current circumstances of one or more groups of people in the US who have experienced sustained systemic discrimination.
  • Critically examine one or more factors supporting and sustaining the systemic discrimination of groups of people in the US (e.g. institutional racism, homophobia, sexism, ageism, ableism, classism).
  • Incorporate disciplinary methods for analyzing and/or applying real-world strategies of moving toward a more equitable society and challenging patterns of sustained systemic discrimination.
  • Challenge students to reflect on their own identities and lived experiences of privilege and oppression in order to apply the concepts of inclusion, equity, and social justice to their interactions.

For support in developing diversity pedagogies, contact the Faculty Development Center.