Internship/Externship and Co-operative Education

Internship/Externship and Co-operative Education (Co-op) are forms of experiential, active learning which provide students with the opportunity to learn in a work setting pertinent to their program of study. Internship/Externship and Co-op education may take place through program-endorsed arrangements between SLCC and an employer. High-impact internships/externships and co-op experiences should connect supervised work with analysis of and reflection upon a student’s course of study.

Depending on the program and the stage of the program, a first-year student may be required to participate in an internship/externship or co-op experience that could include:

  • Working with an organization that adds value to a student's course of study.
  • Work commitment based on agreement between College department partner organization.
  • Critical reflection of work experience shared with appropriate audiences.

For resources to implement Internships/Externships or Co-operative Education, contact your course/program coordinator and/or your Associate Dean.