Collaborative Assignments and Projects

Collaborative Assignments and Projects promote student success by providing students with opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to work with others in a professional and constructive manner, which is one of SLCC’s Student Learning Outcomes. Collaboration becomes a High Impact Practice when it requires students to critically engage with and listen to the viewpoints, opinions, insights, and suggestions of a diverse set of people in working towards a common goal. This includes interacting competently across cultures as well as understanding and appreciating human differences. Collaborative Assignments and Projects may be enacted in both classroom and non-classroom settings as well as in person and online forums.

Examples of Collaborative Assignments and Projects include:

  • A series of student study groups
  • Collaborative assignment with individualized evaluation
  • Short-term collaborative assignment with group summative evaluation
  • Long-term collaborative project with group summative evaluation, peer review, revision, and reflection.

For support in developing collaborative assignments and projects, contact the Faculty Development Center.