Common Intellectual Experiences

Common Intellectual Experience (CIE) at SLCC can be organized through the First-Year Experience program in collaboration with the General Education program and the Faculty Teaching and Learning Center. CIEs provide a means for students, faculty, staff, and/or the surrounding community to engage in sustained, in-depth, and critical conversations on a shared issue or topic.

Examples of Common Intellectual Experiences include:

  • Encouraging students to read a common book, or collection of articles and or multi-media for the academic year
  • Developing a common theme or question/problem that students engage with during the academic year
  • Staging events associated with the common theme or common medium (e.g. discussion groups, panels, teaching circles, community conversations)
  • Incorporating the common medium and/or theme into course curriculum
  • Establishing learning communities engaged with the common medium and/or theme.

For resources for and details on learning communities, contact your Associate Dean and/or Dean. The First-Year Experience Program director is also available as a resource for this HIP.