Capstone Courses and Projects

Capstone projects and courses are offered through departmental programs and general education (through the ePortfolio requirement). Reflection should be a component of all capstone courses or experiences. Students nearing the end of their degree or certificate may engage in a capstone project (e.g. research papers, performances, field work, productions, a portfolio of best work) or a capstone course.

Examples of capstone courses, programs, and/or projects include:

  • Programs and courses that require students to participate in substantial field work such as building a home, producing a show/film/conference.
  • Some programs and courses that require students to go beyond standard credit-hour homework load.
  • Presentations
  • Deliver goods/projects to stakeholding audiences. May vary by program.

For resources to implement Capstone Courses and Projects, contact your course/program coordinator and/or your Associate Dean.