Financial Aid Forms

Students should check MySLCC for requested forms. Forms are available for multiple years, be sure you select the form for the correct aid year.

Required Forms

Form Name2017-2018
Student Information Form/Rights & Responsibilities: All aid applicants must complete this form PDF
Summer Aid Application: To be completed after registering for Summer classes
Summer Revision Form: Use this form to request a revision to your Summer award

Verification Forms

Form Name2017-2018
Independent Student Verification PDF
Dependent Student Verification PDF
Child Support Paid
Proof of Independent Status PDF
Identity - Statement of Educational Purpose PDF
Identity - Statement of Educational Purpose (Notary Version) PDF
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Food Stamp Verification
Untaxed Income Form PDF
Unusual Enrollment History PDF
IRS Identity Theft Statement PDF
Verification of 2015 Income Information For Individuals With Unusual Circumstances PDF

Optional Forms

Form Name2017-2018
Update Form: Use this form to update your application prior to being awarded or to make us aware of anything else you need to tell us PDF
Revision Form: Use this form to request a revision to your award package PDF
Request to Continue Funding After Graduation: If you have earned a degree or certificate at SLCC and wish to continue to apply for Financial Aid, you will need to fill out this form.
Additional Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan Application: All pages must be completed before meeting with a Financial Aid Advisor PDF
Federal Direct PLUS Application: This form should be used by dependent students and their parents to request a PLUS loan. PDF
Consent to Release Student Information: Use this form to authorize us to release information to people you designate. PDF

Appeals Forms

Form Name2017-2018
Appeal for Independent Status: Students who do not qualify for independent status on the federal financial aid application may request a review of their status. Students wishing to be considered independent must demonstrate that they have unusual circumstances. PDF
Special Consideration Request: Students who have experienced a significant change in their financial status may request special consideration. Students must meet with a Financial Aid Advisor to submit this form. PDF
Evaluation of Maximum Time Frame: Instructions for students who have been informed that they are at or near the maximum number of allowed credit hours. PDF
Appeal to Extend Maximum Time Frame: Instructions for students who have been informed that their evaluation of Maximum Time Frame has been denied. PDF
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal: This form is used to request exceptions to various policies. PDF
Selective Service Appeal: Students who have been instructed that they need to do an appeal regarding Selective Service registration are to use this form and follow the instructions on the form. PDF
School of Applied Technology Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal PDF