Top 5 Reasons

SLCC Students Should Do An ePortfolio And Do It Well

  • Become an engaged learner

    When you take the process of creating an ePortfolio seriously, your ePortfolio can make you a more engaged learner. The more engaged or actively involved you are as a student, and the more you reflect on the work you have done (or are doing) the better you remember and retain the information you are learning.

  • Make connections

    We want you to make sense of your learning. In particular, we want you to identify connections between the various classes you are taking. As you link your learning you will also see how the content you are learning in your classes relates to what you are doing at work, and in your personal life.

  • Track your learning and progress

    By keeping your work in one place (in your ePortfolio), it allows you to look back and see how far you have come. When you graduate from SLCC you will have a clear, holistic view of the skills you have developed and the knowledge you have gained.

  • Develop digital and computer literacy skills

    Your ePortfolio can help you hone and develop digital and computer literacy skills. It is becoming increasingly important for you to learn to present yourself online in a professional way. Creating an ePortfolio can help you showcase your skills and talents in a way that is easy to organize and share online. When you put the time and effort into doing your ePortfolio well, it will help you be prepared to articulate your learning and can serve as a guide to those you ask to write letters of recommendation for you.

  • Express creativity and create your academic identity

    We encourage you to be creative when you are making your ePortfolio. Your ePortfolio should reflect your identity and interests. As you express yourself and reflect on who you are and who you are becoming, your identity as an academic learner becomes solidified.