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What Is an ePortfolio?

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An ePortfolio is a website where you showcase your best work and reflect on your experiences from your time at SLCC. It is also a space for you to introduce yourself, set goals, and show what you do outside of class (such a volunteer work, internships, hobbies, talents, etc.).

Why Do We Use ePortfolios?

Using an ePortfolio at SLCC helps you as a student to become a more engaged learner. By being more active in your learning you will retain what you are learning longer and will become a deeper, more critical thinker. Doing your ePortfolio well will also help you make connections between what you are learning in your classes and how you are applying your learning in your life. Having an ePortfolio can help you track your progress and see a holistic view of your educational journey. ePortfolios may also be helpful when asking for letters of recommendation, applying for scholarships, or applying for internships or jobs.

What is the requirement?

It is a requirement in all General Education courses for students to create an ePortfolio that contains their significant assignments and reflections about those assignments. You may have non-General Education courses that require the ePortfolio as well. You will only need to create one ePortfolio for your General Education work and in that portfolio you will have a page for each of your courses.