The English, Linguistics, and Writing Studies (ELWS) department prepares students to engage purposefully and effectively with print and digital literacies and the study of language in their academic, professional, civic, and personal lives. Our programs enable students to fulfill requirements for graduation, pursue transfer degrees at other schools, and become qualified to meet the writing needs of business and industry. The English, Linguistics, and Writing Studies department is home to the USHE Core Skills Composition requirement and offers a rich selection of engaging courses fulfilling COM, HU, IG, and DV general education requirements.

As a department, we offer the following centers of learning and activity:

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The ELWS department offers two associate degrees leading to transfer to an accredited four-year baccalaureate institution: English Studies and Writing Studies. The department also offers a pathway to the Bachelor of Linguistics degree at the U of U and a Writing Certificate of Completion.

English, AS (63 credits)

The English program prepares students to transfer to a four-year baccalaureate degree in English. English majors study English literature, language, and other texts through in-depth critical analysis and creative production. English majors become complex thinkers and versatile users of language. Courses teach intellectual inquiry, engage students in diverse reading and writing tasks and address how power may be won or lost through the medium of words.

Career Opportunities:

A degree in English prepares graduating students for many careers and professions, as well as advanced academic study. English majors pursue careers in writing, law, teaching, editing, artificial intelligence, marketing, SEO marketing, advertising, library, public relations, political science, policy development, and more. They excel in the skills employers are seeking: critical thinking, oral and written communication, and teamwork.

Linguistics (AS degree in development)

The Linguistics program offers the first two years of required courses and general education requirements for the University of Utah’s Bachelor of Linguistics degree. Linguistics majors study how human language works, the variety of languages and their structures and systems, social and cultural aspects of language, and how language is acquired by children and adults. Linguistics students develop strong skills for success in today’s careers: scientific reasoning, critical thinking and analysis, and verbal and written communication.

Career Opportunities:

A degree in Linguistics prepares students for a variety of careers including ESL instruction, language analysis, and computational linguistics. Linguistics graduates work in speech recognition, artificial intelligence, educational training, translation/interpretation, language revitalization, editing, acting coaching, test development, forensic consultant, advertising, and government (CIA, FBI, Dept. of Defense).

Writing Studies, AS (61 credits)

The Writing Studies program provides the first two years of required courses and general education requirements for the University of Utah’s Writing and Rhetoric Studies degree (either major or minor). Writing Studies majors study writing in its rhetorical, cultural, social, ethical, and political aspects. Writing Studies is not limited to English but incorporates all languages that students bring to the study. Writing Studies majors become critical thinkers and proficient writers of multiple types of writing including professional, academic, technical, and digital.

Career Opportunities:

A degree in Writing Studies prepares students for many careers because graduates excel in the critical thinking and writing skills most valued by employers. Writing Studies graduates pursue careers in web authoring, grant writing, science writing, journalism, artificial intelligence, advertising, teaching, law, government, and business. Minoring in Writing Studies or double majoring with another degree elevates qualifications for many career paths, especially law, business, teaching, sociology, political science, and the arts.

Writing Certificate of Proficiency (18 credits)

The Writing Certificate of Proficiency provides students with specialized skills in print and digital communication so they are prepared to enter or enhance professions that require extensive writing skills. Students gain valuable hands-on experience in writing and publication, as well as internship and service-learning opportunities. Students may tailor the certificate to meet their specific career goals.

Career Opportunities:

The Writing Certificate of Proficiency is applicable to any career as it prepares students to meet the top three competencies requested by employers: problem solving, communication and collaboration. The certificate is intended to complement an associate degree or provide professionals with the skills necessary to advance their careers and achieve gainful employment.

Program Contacts

Administrative Assistant

Jayme Warner
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Academic and Administrative Building, 165 L
Phone: 801-957-4020

Academic Advisor

Luz Gamarra (Spanish Speaking)
South City Campus
1-061 M-E
Phone: 801-957-3244

Academic Advisor

Philip Anosike
South City Campus
1-061 J-D
Phone: 801-957-3336