Paying for College

HB 144

Students not eligible for residency due to immigration status may qualify for an exemption from non-resident tuition under the HB 144 Waiver. In order to qualify for the HB 144 Waiver, students must have attended a Utah high school for at least three years and have earned a Utah high school diploma or a GED.

Download an Affidavit/Application for Exemption PDF and provide a copy of your official high school transcripts to the SLCC Office of the Registrar and Academic Records.

Summer Term Classes

If you don’t qualify for HB 144, you can choose to take SLCC classes during summer term. All students, regardless of residency status, pay Resident tuition and fees during the Summer Terms.

Salt lake Technical College

Because the Salt Lake Technical College fee structure is the same for resident and non-resident students, students without documentation may choose to enroll in a career and technical education program at the SAT.

Tuition Payment Plan

All students are welcome to participate in the Tuition Payment Plan program as a way to spread their tuition payments throughout the semester. The Tuition Payment Plan does not reduce your financial obligation to the College, but it does offer an alternative to making a single large tuition payment. There is a $30 application fee to participate in Tuition Payment Plan.