Scholarship Luncheon

The annual Scholarship Appreciation Brunch brings scholarship donors and their respective student recipients together to honor the generosity of donors and celebrates students’ academic achievement as scholarship recipients. The event offers students an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ and to discuss their academic and career aspirations with donors, College officials and friends of Salt Lake Community College.

The annual Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon was held March 1 in the Oak room, the theme this year was “Your Reason”. It was a joyful celebration of gratitude and an opportunity for students to learn more about donors' reasons for supporting SLCC. Donors and supporters also had the opportunity to learn more about students, their reasons for being at SLCC, and how they are using their scholarships to achieve their goals.

"Thanks to your support, I will be able to continue my education and be one of the first in my family to graduate college"

"To have someone that believes I will excel and is willing to support my journey is unbelievable"

"I feel like you are taking care of me. Like I’m the investment to see what your money can do, and I have every intention of showing you"

Scholarship Recipients

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