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The Community Writing Series

A Community Writing Center Program

The Community Writing Series (CWS), formerly the Diversity Writing Series, aims to provide individuals with opportunities to express themselves and to share their stories, histories, and voices with their communities. Historical, cultural, political, economic, and other structural forces have often silenced or erased the experiences of Indigenous Peoples and diasporas that make up our diverse Salt Lake communities. The Community Writing Series seeks to foster and encourage environments in which writers from different backgrounds can create and share their stories. When people write about their lives, and are valued for doing so, confidence and personal insight grow. Analysis of the surrounding community can lead to increased interest in, and dedication to, participating in that community. Also, when those stories are shared, we will raise awareness-and hopefully understanding-of the myriad of people in this community who make Salt Lake their home.

Stay warm and engaged by joining a Community Writing Series (CWS) group!
The CWS groups are free and open to the public.

Community Writing Series groups get together and write out their worlds to and with each other. Writing is both an individual and community art that can further foster community, develop our writerly voices, and create spaces for exploring the importance of storytelling in our diverse communities as well as honoring the diversity of stories, histories, and experiences that make up the fabric of our shared humanity. The CWS groups and their meetings are opportunities for mutual-help, self-improvement, and participating in the transformative power of writing and storytelling.

Many people are put off by the idea of writing or even scared to think of themselves as a writer because they were taught to get hung up on mechanical errors (grammar, punctuation, spelling) or they were taught that there is a strict divide between what is "good writing" and what is "bad writing." Writing is contextual and it is audience, purpose, and genre based. Joining a CWS group might just be an opportunity for you to understand the importance of writing for context, audience, your writerly purpose, and exploring genres you enjoy. Joining a group might also help you love writing, especially your writing. Writing is a process and not a merely a product. It is a powerful tool, one that begs to offer us our voices and understanding through reflection. As the Community Writing Center, we believe that everyone is a writer, and everyone has something to write. We welcome all folks, especially the writer who doesn’t write yet, to join our mutual-self-improvement community writing groups, and experience what the great process of writing can do for you. With our CWS program, we create a local publication every year, Sine Cera, that is focused on highlighting the "divercity" of voices found in and around our city.

Most of our groups are open to any interested writer, and will meet at least once a month. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer, you’ll find a place in a CWS group.

The Community Writing Series is currently going through a major reorganizing of the program. If you are interested in more information on the program and/or joining a group, please contact the Community Writing Center's CWS Coordinator, Elisar Soueidi:

We hope to have all of the reorganizing completed by Jan. 15, 2022. Thank you for your patience.